The Benefits of Installing CCTV in the Home

cctv installed in warrington

We are all used to CCTV in 2018, we can walk around a crowded street fully understanding and accepting that it’s likely our image will be captured multiple times. We even are used to it in our work places, knowing full well why our employers use it and the benefits of having it there. Where people are not so used to CCTV is at our own homes. To some people this could be considered the ultimate invasion of privacy, but is this really true? If so then why are more and more people doing it and what are the benefits?


Naturally we are talking about CCTV installation for the outside of our homes rather than inside. Surveillance is a controversial issue and we all have our own opinions on it. Privacy is something we all take very seriously but we’re also living in an age where crime is still something that plagues the lives of many families. As criminals become more efficient and their techniques become harder to predict, we to must adapt to effectively anticipate and combat this. This puts security higher on our list of priorities than it has needed to be before.


Luckily installing CCTV to monitor the exterior of our homes is no longer an expensive luxury for the few, it is now an affordable and sought after feature for many homes. We work hard for what we have and keeping our belongings and family’s safe sometimes becomes an afterthought. We never think that certain crimes or misunderstandings will befall us until they do and often it’s one person’s word against another. If only there was some way to make sure in such an event there was some indisputable evidence to fall back on.


High definition (HD) closed circuit television (CCTV) is a camera network system that allows homeowners to monitor the exterior of their homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides numerous benefits and makes sure that everything that happens around the premises is recorded and kept on file. This can make any potential future disputes neighbors, intruders and even family members easily revolved. The evidence will be recorded facts rather than each person’s individual account.


For example your home may appear safe but due to its location and value may be a target for thieves. If an intruder wants to get in, they will eventually. None of our homes are Fort Knox. Windows and doors can be broken, locks can be picked, and walls can be climbed. If the intruder is determined enough then they will gain access. We all have a responsibility to our families, their belongings and ourselves. Precautions need to be made if the worst should happen. Thieves, vandals or disgruntled individuals for any reason sadly do exist and can be unpredictable when choosing their victims. HD CCTV may not be able to prevent such crimes but it will serve as a deterrent and as a means of bringing the perpetrator to justice.


Having the exterior of a home monitored also keeps track of what cars are coming and going. This helps police narrow down their suspects should a crime have been committed. Your car being close to the scene of a crime caught on camera would be hard to explain away. If two people get into a dispute and one decides to vandalise the others property then they will be caught on film. Is a irresponsible dog owner letting its dog foul in front of your house every morning? Not for much longer when they realise they are committing a crime that carries a penalty of a £1000 pound fine. This being said the aim of CCTV isn’t just to catch people in the act, hopefully knowing they are likely to be caught will prevent them from acting in the first place.


You don’t even need to be in the home to monitor your feed, nor does it need to be something you need to unplug to watch. You can monitor your home feed live anytime on your computer. Many modern CCTV systems also have built in apps for phones and tablets. This allows those who have CCTV installed to monitor their feed whenever they like from their handheld devices wherever they are in the world. Should you notice anything out of the ordinary while you are away from home then a quick phone call to a trusted friend or family member to make sure all is well is easily done. In more serious cases you may need to phone the police.


Once installed CCTV is also relatively easy to maintain and requires little work on behalf of the person using it to manage. Modern recorded data is now all digital and stored to memory cards and hard drives, no more rewinding reams and reams of tape to find the moment you’re looking for. This is what put so many people off using CCTV in the past. Your recorded stream can be backed up, combed through at leisure, duplicated and kept indefinitely.


Even better news is insurance companies offer reductions in their annual premiums to homes that have CCTV. Imagine the savings made over a lifetime from a reduction in home insurance costs. Installing CCTV is the only real cost of having it, so in the long term it will more than pay for itself.


The truth is facts are facts and cannot be disputed. Where the sayings ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ or ‘pictures tell a thousand words’ may be old cliché’s and may cause us to roll our eyes, the message they deliver has never been so true. HD CCTV footage provides an accurate reflection of past and current events. It provides a clear, unbiased and original account of viewable facts, completely indisputable and none distorted. More importantly knowing our home and loved ones are protected when we are not around allows us to rest easy, knowing we have done all we can to make sure they are safe.


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